Adventures of Pat & Polly Playset

Price: $79.99

Bring all your favorite The Adventures of Pat & Polly adventures to life with this amazingly life-like 34-piece playset or create your very own NEW Adventures for Pat and Polly to go on! The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination!

Playset Includes:

-One high-quality super-realistic Pat figure!
-One high-quality super-realistic Polly figure!
-One Billhook Axe for super choppin' action!
-One wooden-ballbat for smashing in skulls of those pesky holiday figures!
-One chainsaw for disposal of the bodies!
-One pair of boxing gloves. (not for use with fishing rod)!
-One Super Yummy Brand doughnut for when hunger strikes!
-One MacArnold's super deluxe burger, great for getting those early heart caths!
-One NES console to play all the best games in the world!
-One NES gamepad for all the Contra games you'll be playing!
-One GameCube gamepad for... I dunno
-One ultra-stylish chef's hat. Emeril Lagase's got nothing on Chef Polly!
-One Police Polly costume set plus hat for patrolling the mean streets of wherever that comic took place!
-One Police Pat costume set plus hat for upgraded doughnut eating action!
-One Detective Polly costume that never even appeared in the comic!
-One Connect Four! game for when Tetris just isn't enough.
-One high-quality beer mug. Not filled. Get your own.
-One crazy fishing guy plus fishing boat plus fish and rod for crazy high-seas adventures.
-One super-comfy couch for Pat & Polly to sit on and watch TV and eat!
-TWO Pat's Racecars, featuring its normal design and Patrol Car Mode design.
-One Spacemuffin Cow to devour the universe.
-One super-scary alien to take over your secret bases!
-One bag of Doritos. Stale, because they're the best that way.
-One Jon Deere Hat for Pat because he loves tractors and workin' down on the farm!
-One bowl of cigarettes plus full pack of Barlmoro brand smokes (refills available)!

And hours upon hours of fun!