Socks Mart Privacy Policy & Stuff

Here at Socks Mart we value your privacy. How much do we value it? Well that all depends on what third-party companies (who will without a doubt flood your email inboxes on a daily basis) are willing to pay us for it. Man, you wouldn't believe some of the sweet deals we've stumbled into by just blindly selling all of your personal information. All information is free if you know the right price!

By entering this site (if you're reading this page, you already have, so you can't weasel out now) you agree to let Socks Mart sell any and all identifying information concerning you and your purchases. This information includes IP addresses, email addresses, home addresses, First, middle, and last names, birthdates, Social Security numbers, credit card information, and shoe sizes. By selling this information to third-parties we are able to continue bringing the best possible shopping experience to you while lining our dirty little pockets. See how it works out for both of us? Here at Socks Mart we take pride in the symbiotic relationship we have with our customers and their wallets.

These terms are non-negotiable and if you tell anyone about it we'll kill you.

I mean it.

Just freakin' try me.