About Us

Founded on April 1st, 2009, The Socks Mart Online Experience has been the internet's one-stop shop for exclusive Socks Make People Sexy gear for years! Millions of customers all across the world have come to trust and love Socks Mart's dedication to money top-notch exclusive products, the highest caliber of customer service, and the ease of shopping at home and knowing they just got a great deal they'd never get anywhere else.

Founded on the belief of owner Polly S. Hate that, "Everybody wants to give me their money," Socks Mart quickly rose to fame in local retail markets all across the United States selling items nobody had ever even heard of or was even sure they wanted. As Socks Mart's growing selection of top-tier products began to catch on with the public, Polly soon decided it was time to take Socks Mart into the digital age.

Spending roughly 20 minutes in Notepad and MS Paint, Polly launched the Socks Mart Online Experience with thousands hundreds tens of hot new items for sale, many exclusive to the online shopping experience.

The Socks Mart Online Experience was born, and with it a dedication to screwing over the customer like none had ever seen before. You can always feel right at home here at Socks Mart. We'll take that heavy burden of a swollen wallet right off of your shoulders. That's The Socks Mart Promise.

We look forward to serving all of your internet shopping needs now and for years to come.

Go buy something.