Toys & Fun

Everybody loves toys!

Here at Socks Mart, we're of the belief that even into adulthood everyone still has an inner-desire to play with toys, be it toys from their youth or the hottest new gadgets. We're more than happy to help you fulfill that desire.

There's nothing wrong with never growing up, cause you can be a Socks R' Us kid with the million toys at Socks R' Us that you can play with!
Ume-sensei 100% Huggable Plushie
An oh-so huggably soft Ume-sensei plushie! You know you want it.
Touhou Project Trading Figures
Because we know how to gouge the shit out of a retarded fanbase.
The Adventures of Pat & Polly Playset
Re-enact all of your favorite P&P moments with this high-quality playset! (ages 21 and up.)
Ether Stress Doll
Your very own Ether doll to hold and love and beat the shit out of.
Interactive Talking Polly
What could it be, I wonder, I wonder...
Mikeman Lighter
Go Mikeman! Save the day! Hero to all children!