Home Furnishings

Need to fill up some of that annoying empty space you got there in your parents' basement? Well, why not have a look at out exclusive and exciting selection of home furnishings?

Socks Mart is committed to bringing you only the best when it comes to furnishing your household. You won't find these top-of-the-line products anwhere else on the internets!
HiME Brand Throwing Tables
Perfect for solving any sort of dispute, domestic or other.
Life-size Genuine Polly Floor Lamp
The perfect way to brighten up any room in the house.
Pat Paperweight
It just sits there.
Rika Clock
This premium Socks Mart exclusive is the most adorable way to tell time ever!
Cookie Time Ume Cookie Jar
For when you want Snack Time to be Fun Time!
Laughing Higurashi Alarm Clock
A whole new way to start your day.
Rhete Brand Alarm Clock
For those who want some damn sleep!