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Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Phobiaphilia EP
The Internet's Byron Hulcher's debut EP. Acoustic-folk punk-emo. A genre and a star are born.
Turd Paint Parade
Polly combines her two favorite things: Music and poop jokes.
Ume-sensei Character Single
Frequency Meltdown - The Best Of
Celebrating 10 years of the greatest band ever!
Naked With Apes - Platinum Edition
The hit comedy that launched now world-renowned i Productions into the limelight.
8 Easy Bits: The Animated Series Complete Collection
The hit animated sitcom that made Newton N. Mintow rise from his grave and attack people.
Hunters OVA DVD
The internet-famous debut OVA from director Rhete (i vs PI and Naked With Apes).
The Angry Anime Nerd DVD - Volume 1
It's like shitting on a shitty shit that's shitty!
i vs PI Season 1 - The Clone Wars
See the origins of the internet-famous i vs PI Saga from acclaimed director Rhete.
i vs PI Season 2 - A Hero Is Born
The breakthrough season of the hit series that scared parents nation-wide.
i vs PI Season 3 - Movie Madness
Rhete and his uncanny crew set off for ka-razy adventures in Hollywood in this DVD collection.
i vs PI Season 4 - The Hat Saga
This short, but sweet season of i vs PI encourages drunkenness and Boat Kombat.
i vs PI Season 5 - The End of Hell High
It's all about big-budget anime parody in this rollicking 5th season of the i vs PI Saga!
i vs PI Season 6 - Journey Through Space
It's off to space for the sixth installment of the i vs PI series!
i vs PI Season 7 - Mad Sweet Dude Guy
All new ship and racecar adventures in this thrilling i vs PI season set.
i vs PI Season 8 & 9 - Politics & Filler
We're takin' over da White House!
i vs PI Season 10 - We're On TV!
The epic conclusion to the hi-- oh wait, he made more. NICE WORK, JACKASS!
Ninja Flash Movie: The Lost Series
No matter what anybody tells you, this show never happened.