Apparently some of you out there like to read. I mean, like, more than just text boxes in videogames, a few hundred pages of manga, and other weird stuff too.

I know, right? I couldn't believe it either!

Upon hearing this little bit of information and snapping into action quickly (becuase we never miss an opportunity to gouge a market), Socks Mart went ahead and started stocking some fine reading materials for all you neurotic egg-heads out there.

The Rise and Fall of Final Fantasy
Bonus Collector's Edition Allegro Plus HD Refantasized
The Adventures of Pat and Polly Complete Collection
All your favorite adventures of Polly, in one convenient comic book!
Inconsequential Existence
Oh look, it beat Duke Nukem Forever out!
Socks Mart has a world-exclusive pre-order from the author of Inconsequential Existence.
Hunters: Relic of Stars Official Strategy Guide
If you suck at games you'll be needing this.
How I Made My Millions by Polly S. Hate
We're hoping this one's a New York Times' Best-Seller!